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Dementia Afternoon Tea

Dementia Afternoon Tea

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Every fortnight the Marks and Spencer’s based at Darent Valley Hospital kindly donate cakes to Ebony Ward, that are then given to patients and their families as part of a nostalgic afternoon tea. Music from past eras is played and the best china dusted off for this special event.

Ebony ward cares for many of our older patients, several of whom are suffering from dementia. Dementia can be caused by various disorders which affect parts of the brain involved with thought processes. Symptoms of dementia develop gradually and typically become worse over a number of years. The most important part of treatment for dementia is good-quality support, interaction and care for the person. These afternoon teas are beneficial to the patient and their families and a good time for them to reminisce.

Denise Hylton-McIntosh, Senior Sister said “We recognised the importance of our patients remembering the good old days and the fact that some of them are unable to leave the ward. By hosting an afternoon tea allows our patients to interact with their families and brings a nice change from the daily hospital route. We would like to thank Gabi and her team in Marks and Spencer’s for their fortnightly donations; it is very much appreciated by both our patients and staff”.