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Clinical Collaboration Webinar

Clinical Collaboration Webinar

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Blog: Clinical Collaboration Webinar by Sarah Morgan

As part of the Collaboration: Know-How? event taking place on 13 June, I recently took part in an international webinar on clinical collaboration.  It was fantastic to be on a panel with colleagues from Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the Australian state of Victoria's Emergency Network.  After we'd established that due to the time zone differences at the end of the webinar we were all going to eat a different type of meal - breakfast in Cincinnati; lunch in London and dinner in Melbourne - we quickly got into the detail of describing how we've all approached clinical collaboration.


We had far more in common than was different and it was fascinating to hear the experiences of other, much more established networks, which got me excited for the potential of our continued clinical collaboration.


The key learning that was shared across all three of us was that facilitating clinicians to make the change they want to see to improve care for their patients is at the heart of each learning network approach.  Working with the clinical teams; supporting them with the right tools and infrastructure and then letting them get on with it really makes a difference.


Within the Foundation Healthcare Group Vanguard we consciously chose clinical areas where there was most energy within the teams to work together to make change for the patients and we allowed the change to be determined by the teams themselves.  This has proved to be very successful.  The key learning I shared with the audience was to make sure the IT works and to get the basics right. We really have learned that the hard way!


Having the opportunity to share our story and hear from colleagues around the world about how they have made clinical collaborations work really did make a dull, wet Tuesday a much brighter day!


Watch the full webinar here: http://www.healthcarecollaboration.co.uk/webinars.html