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Cheque Presentation

Cheque Presentation


Today the past Mayor and Mayoress of Dartford John and Eija Burrell visited Darent Valley Hospital to present two cheques each for £3,000. During their time in office they raised a staggering £17,000, for local charities. The £6,000 presented today will go towards Children with Diabetes and our Cancer Fighting Fund.

Alok Gupta, Clinical Director explained to John and Eija how the money was going to be spent in the Paediatric Department. It is going towards the purchase of a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). CGM is a small device that a diabetic child wears just under their skin. It measures their blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) levels continuously through the day and night and will let our Paediatric Diabetic Team see trends in the levels and alert them to highs and lows. The CGM being purchased is a blind system and the results will only be available when the child attends the clinic, this allows the team to monitor the results with the aim that the parents or child do not have to become concerned with what the monitor is showing.

Sanjeev Madaan, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Lead Cancer Clinician then said that the other £3,000 was going towards the Cancer Fighting Fund and as the Lead he could name several very important projects that this money would assist with enhancing the care of cancer patients.

John Burrell commented that “many of his friends and family had been treated at Darent Valley Hospital and he wouldn’t go anywhere else. He is very proud to have such a good hospital locally”.