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World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2016

Caped crusaders hope to knock out pressure ulcers

World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2016

World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2016 was celebrated at Darent Valley Hospital by the Tissue Viability Team’s Caped Crusaders “Buttman” and “Rubbin’”, Deborah Everitt and Zoe Evans, on Thursday, 17th November. Together with assistance from “Alfreda” the “Buttler” and Tissue Viability Link Nurse, Helen Roberts, the Tissue Viability Team signed up 100s of staff to the “Sign Up to SSKIN” pledge making a professional commitment to implement SSKIN (Skin Inspection, Surface, Keep moving, Incontinence and Nutrition). The SSKIN Care Bundle is a care plan for patients who have been assessed to be at risk of developing pressure ulcers (often referred to as “bed sores”).

First port of call was the Chief Executive’s Office where members of the Executive Team made their ongoing professional pledge to prevent patients developing pressure ulcers where possible. Fairy cakes with iced feet and hands, foot shaped gingerbread biscuits and hand-shaped cookies were offered (and gratefully received) along with a brief explanation of what the Tissue Viability Team were going to do during the day to promote awareness of pressure ulcers and their prevention.

Then it was off to the Wards with the Caped Crusaders, sorry Tissue Viability Team, visiting nearly all the wards with their heavily laden trolley covered with balloons, posters and goodies. Without exception, the Team were all enthusiastically received by everyone – and not just because of the tempting treats of cakes and cookies on offer! Despite the very busy wards and departments visited, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, physios, pharmacists, ward clerks etc were all keen to hear and learn more about the pressure ulcer prevention work being carried out at DVH and enthusiastically signed the “Sign Up to SSKIN” pledge; in return, they received badges, mirrors, useful pocket guides and fridge magnets reinforcing the preventative messages.

Representatives from some of the companies on the Trust’s Dressing and Wound Care Formulary had stands outside the Dining Room on Level 1 to speak to staff and members of the public to help raise awareness of pressure ulcers and the need for early intervention/prevention. Leaflets and information, including the “Stop The Pressure” information guide for patients and carers, were given out to everyone expressing an interest.

Nicola from Linet, DVH’s bed and mattress supplier, was based in the main entrance demonstrating to many members of the public and staff, one of the Eleganza beds with the “disco” dynamic air mattress which, for teaching purposes, lights up with different colours showing how effective they are in the prevention of pressure ulcers developing. Further leaflets and information were also passed on to everyone.

Staff competitions were also promoted with prizes to be awarded for the Pressure Ulcer Wordsearch – an educational/informative (but fun) exercise to test staff on their knowledge on pressure ulcer areas, treatment and terminology. The ongoing “Whose Heels are These?” competition, launched in early November (with gratefully received support from Glyn and Sue in the Communications Team), where various members of staff (including the CEO) have had their own feet photographed to promote pressure ulcer prevention awareness has had many entries. All staff are urged to continue entering both competitions (closing date 28th November) to win some fabulous prizes.

On every ward visited, overwhelming support and interest in pressure ulcer prevention was received. Whilst still emphasising the seriousness of pressure ulcer prevention, the TV Team reported they had received enthusiastic responses from all their colleagues participating in the Worldwide campaign to Stop Avoidable Pressure Ulcers and said it was, by far, thanks to everyone involved, the best and most constructive PU prevention day at Darent Valley Hospital ever. For more information on Stop Pressure Ulcer Day please visit :