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New IPads bring great improvement in patient data collection

New IPads mean faster data collection at the bedside 

IPads help enhance nursing care

Nursing audits have become a very important element of how hospitals monitor the performance of their wards and clinical areas. For many years they have been completed on paper which has limited the ability to share practice. The introduction of IPads, which captures the data easily, has been a great improvement but they were few in number and were shared throughout the organisation.  Thanks to charitable donations 25 IPads have been purchased and are now in use on the wards by clinical staff.


Matron, Polly Hird said: “ This means audits are being untaken in a more flexible way (not just when an IPad is available) and the data can be utilised by the organisation to analyse in a more proactive way how we are delivering nursing care on the wards.It has been wonderful news that the Valley Hospital Charity agreed to purchase an individual mini IPad for our wards and clinical areas.


Fundraising Manager, Sally George added: “Valley Hospital Charity was delighted to purchase IPads to support Ward staff in their daily duties. The Charity Management Board, who oversee charitable spending, approved the purchases to allow Ward staff to carry out on the spot clinical audits, giving them more time on the Ward with patients, and less time in front of a computer. Thanks to donations made by the public to Valley Hospital Charity, we are able to support staff funding requests for the benefit of patient care.”