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Local man is first in UK to receive new style pacemaker

Local man is first in UK to receive new style pacemaker

Mr Dartford with Nurse Gemma Lamb, post procedure
Mr Dartford with Nurse Gemma Lamb,

On Thursday 8 December, Mr Peter Dartford, 75 from Dartford Kent, became the first person in the United Kingdom to receive a new type of pacemaker at Darent Valley Hospital . With his old pacemaker in need of replacement Cardiologist Dr Ed Petzer chose the Platinium 4LV SonR Device for a number of reasons.  


The pacemaker measures how well the heart is working by using sensors placed at four different locations around the heart.  This allows the device to adjust how the heart takes blood in and how efficiently it pumps it out again.  Where this pacemaker is different is that it also uses sound to measure how well the heart valves are working and can adjust the way the heart operates for maximum efficiency. 

The Internal Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) side of the device can administer a shock if the heart rhythm fluctuates and get it back to normal. With around a 10 year battery life the very technically named, the LivaNova PLATINIUM 4LV SonR implantable cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D), need only be replaced once a decade.  

Mr Dartford said: “My first pacemaker was fitted in 2009 after I became very short of breath.  Once the pacemaker was in place it was like being 20 again.  I understand that my old model of pacemaker had been recalled owing to battery problems in some devices and mine was being replaced purely as a precaution. The device took around 40 minutes to implant and I can’t fault the care that I have received.” 

Dr Ed Petzer said: “The big change in this device is the quadripolar electrodes which allows the device to pace from at least two points on the same lead capturing the ventricle more effectively. The other significant advantage is this device is that it is only one that incorporates a SonR system that frequently measures the timing of the heart and makes the necessary adjustments by listening to the how well the heart valves are opening and closing. The procedure went very well and I hope that Mr Dartford will enjoy the advantages that his new and improved pacemaker brings with it.”