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It's the little things that make big changes!

It’s the little things that make big changes!

Small changes can make a big difference

Too many phone calls? Spending too much time on letters?  Want to deal with emails more efficiently? Want less clutter? Secretaries from Haematology & Gynaecology were able to work leaner and improve their working environment by avoiding unnecessary phone calls by changing phone messages and sending letters to GPs and patients in a timely manner. This resulted in less phone calls from patients and GPs and saved 1 hour a week.  Letters were shortened, by clinicians not informing GPs what they already knew about the patient and a template being put on PAS to be used for clinicians to record reports themselves which saved secretary’s time of 1.5 hours a week. Emails are looked at on a regular basis throughout the day, deleted, dealt with, or moved to a folder to act on at a later date. Time saved for this was 30 minutes a week.  By decluttering the desks and creating files and electronic systems for paperwork this saved 30 minutes a week. The result! They saved 214 hours a year.


Is your office in a mess? Can you find things? The office on Maternity Triage is very limited and storage is historically an ongoing issue. The overall aim of the project was to avail as much free space as possible and create an improved working space environment. They recognised the importance of minimising the magnitude of hard copy files and reference only literature that predominately occupied all the shelf and storage area.  They red tagged the office, and items that were out of date or unused were removed. They reorganised and repositioned items of value appropriate to the seating locality and improved the layout of the room, and the team are now sustaining it. The results! It has influenced positive changes and improved working standards within the team. They have saved 130 hours a year looking for items.


Can you change your processes? Well between Radiology, Nephrology, Urology, Surgical Departments they were able to shorten their processes by saving time on wasted phone calls, patients not having to hold on the line for too long, electronics systems not being compatible with other systems which led to not being able to get the right information, which wasted time. The team looked at a new pathway and were able to save 45 minutes a day per secretary time by altering their processes, stress levels improved as well as patient experience. The result! They saved 2,860 hours a year.


Still using paper diaries? Between Radiology & Urology Departments they wasted 10mins writing the patient’s appointment in the paper diary and another 10mins to find an available slot, therefore only 5-8 appointments are made from the appointment list in a day.  A new appointment process was put into place by using electronic diaries and this reduced the time to 4-5 minutes.


Is your department wasting paper? The Outpatients Department saw how much labels were being wasted in their clinics. They were going through 2 boxes of labels a day which have 100 labels in each of them. They would provide a whole sheet of labels to the clinicians and only 1 or 2 of the labels on the sheets would be used, the rest were put into confidential bags. If the patients cancelled or DNA’d these were also put in the confidential waste. They now have new label machines that print out 1 label at a time and this has resulted in no waste. This has saved the trust over £14,000.


Missed the session? This Admin & Clerical session was a great success, but there were some clerical staff that were unable to attend. We are delighted to inform you that we will be happy to repeat the session again very soon for those that were unable to attend. Keep an eye out for it so you don’t miss out! These great projects are also being displayed on the notice boards at The MIB in the Orthopaedic Seminar Room on Level 3, so please visit to look at them.


We encourage you all to think lean and set yourself a lean project. If you require any help please contact Sarah Thomas in the Service Improvement Team on x4719 or alternatively sarah.thomas19@nhs.net.