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EBME team achieve national accreditation

EBME team achieve national accreditation

EBME accreditation

For the second consecutive year the EBME department have proven that when it comes to high standards they can stand proud.  Earning ISO-9001 (2008) accreditation is evidence that the EBME team fully comply with established procedures and follow national professional standards.  Not every EBME has this accreditation.

The EBME team repair and service around 4000 devices each year and care for all of our medical equipment across the Trust, ranging from simple thermometers to ITU ventilators.  To enhance the service still further, they have now appointed a Medical Devices Trainer, Rina Tesfaie.  Rina works with clinicians to ensure they know exactly how to use the equipment safely and precisely.

Moira Crow, Head of EBME said: “ISO-9001 (2008) accreditation confirms our ability to repair and service medical devices to the national standard. With our new trainer, Rina, joining the team we are now able to, not only maintain hospital equipment but offer an additional service that ensures it is used correctly and safely for the patient.  We are now working towards achieving the new accreditation standard that was introduced this year.”