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New Clocks Installed within DVH Adults wards to help patients with Dementia

New Clocks Installed


A Clock… It may be a simple object to some… but a clock can truly make a significant difference to the life of a patient with delirium or dementia being treated in hospital. 

Often, inpatients with dementia or delirium can become disorientated, confused and can easily lose track of the time of day.

As of last week, large, brightly coloured clocks were installed within the hospital in areas that can be clearly seen by patients. The Dementia Challenge Fund enabled Darent Valley Hospital to purchase these clocks in all inpatient bays and individual side rooms within adult wards. 

The clocks are intended to help orientate patients, prevent them from getting confused about the time and ease their anxiety, especially as they are in an unfamiliar place.  


Being able to clearly see the time can help to give a sense of structure to the day, so patients can be more aware of upcoming meal times and be able to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle which is beneficial for the patient’s wellbeing and recovery.