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Christmas Dinner Comes Early

Christmas Dinner Comes Early

Sampling Patient Food

Yesterday visitors and staff were invited to taste what was on the patients’ menu that day as well as what is being served on Christmas Day. Yesterday’s menu included homemade soup, lasagne, Lancashire hotpot, fish fingers, macaroni cheese and jacket potatoes all served with a side of vegetables. Christmas dinner was the traditional turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables followed by a hearty Christmas pudding. 

The food tasting created a real buzz, with lots of people commenting on how good the food was and how it had exceeded their expectations. These events highlight how hard the Trust and Carillion are working to enhance the patient meal experience and provides the public with an opportunity to voice their opinion about the meals on offer to patients. 

Chris Cheel, Specialist Patient Experience Manager said “This event is crucial in gaining feedback with regard to our service and the patient experience. Since Carillion launched this initiative in 2013, we have used the information gathered to improve our service and menu planning. To be able to serve staff and visitors meals from the days menu, showcasing our Christmas offering and engaging with patients or relatives, while answering any questions and concerns is a great asset. Judging by today’s success, I certainly expect to continue this event in the future”.