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CHKS Awards
Photograph of the CHKS 2013 Presentation

CHKS awards

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has previously won a CHKS award for 7 years running from 2007 - 2013 and also again in 2015.

About CHKS

Since 2001, CHKS has been recognising  and reward significant achievements in quality and improvement  in healthcare through the Top Hospitals Programme awards.  These awards celebrate the success of healthcare providers across the UK and internationally.  Their independence and analytical rigour means that all of the Top Hospital Programme awards are considered a significant coup for winning trusts.

About the award

Recognising and rewarding 40 of the best performing acute trusts across the UK, the CHKS 40 Top Awards are based on the evaluation of 22 indicators of clinical effectiveness, health outcomes, efficiency, patient experience and quality of care. 


Revised annually to take into account of newly-available performance information, this year's indicators include:


  • Reported C-difficile rate for patients aged 65 and over
  • Day case rate (relative weighted performance across BADS directory)
  • Day case conversion to inpatient rate (vs national rates, case mix adj per BADS)
  • Depth of coding (not case mix adjusted)
  • Percentage of coded episodes with signs and symptoms as a primary diagnosis
  • Percentage of uncoded episodes
  • Inpatient survey (overall care question)
  • Percentage of outpatient first appointments not attended (specialty adjusted)
  • Rate of emergency readmission to hospital (>16; 28 days)
  • Emergency readmission within 28 days of discharge following hip fracture (65+)
  • Percentage of elective admissions where planned procedure not carried out (not patient decision)
  • Reference Cost Index (RCI)
  • Summary Hospital-level Mortality Index (SHMI)
  • Staff survey (overall job satisfaction question)
  • Risk adjusted length of stay
  • Risk adjusted mortality index
  • Rate of emergency readmission to hospital following AMI within 28 days
  • Rate of emergency readmission to hospital within 14 days - COPD
  • Percentage of elective inpatients admitted on day of procedure
  • Patient misadventure rate (ICD-based)
  • Percentage of patients >65 with fractured neck of femur with pre-op LoS <=2
  • Unnecessary admissions via A&E (zero LoS as % emergency)