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Patient Safety

Patient safety

Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust has a strong record in patient safety. Performance is monitored continuously. Openness and transparency is encouraged from all staff. Clinical outcomes are also discussed openly and in detail at public board meetings each month, when members of the public and non-executive directors can challenge executive directors if they have any concerns about how services are being delivered. Governors also undertake a similar role. Patient safety is an integral part of performance reporting. 

Continuous improvement

A commitment to continuously improve the Trust’s record on patient safety comes from the top of the organisation – the Trust board has pledged that creating a safety culture is a shared priority – and is reflected by every individual, team and department. Fostering a safety culture is the responsibility of all staff, whether or not they are in a clinical role. 

Ensuring transparency

Robust systems are in place to make sure that infection rates are closely monitored. This close monitoring has shown that some of the lowest MRSA and clostridium difficile rates in England have been achieved.