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Using a Mobile Phone

Using a mobile phone

Text Messaging Reminder Service Poster

The hospital recognises that communication with family and friends is important when someone is in hospital. In line with the principles of patient choice, use of mobile phones in hospital is allowed, as long as their use does not affect:

  • the safety of patients or other people
  • patients’ privacy and dignity
  • the operation of medical equipment

If you need to make a call or send a text, make sure you go to an area where you can use your phone. If you’re not sure, ask a member of staff first. You may be asked to keep your phone on the silent or vibrate setting.

It's unlikely that you'll be allowed to charge your mobile phone while in hospital.

Some maternity units may permit photos to be taken with a mobile phone, for example, parents with their newborn baby as long as no staff or other patients are in the photo. Taking of photographs (with camera phones or camera's)  is prohibited within the hospital unless prior authorisation of the communications team.

Loud ring tones and alarms on mobile phones can also be confused with alarms on medical equipment.

Areas where mobile phone use is allowed are:

  • the hospital entrance or reception
  • communal areas such as cafés and lift lobbies
  • day rooms
  • non-clinical areas on wards where direct medical care is not given

Mobile phones and medical equipment

Interference from mobile phones can stop medical equipment from working properly, for example:

  • dialysis machines
  • defibrillators
  • ventilators
  • monitors
  • pumps

If you’re not allowed to use your phone, make sure you switch it off. Don’t just leave it on the silent or vibrate setting, because it can still affect medical equipment.