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Learning Disabilities
LD Week

Learning Disabilities

Do you have a Learning Disability or know someone who does?

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For help or support  please contact:  Helen Filmer: Learning Disability Liaison Nurse

Ring: 01322 428865

Email: helen.filmer@nhs.net


Fill out a hospital passport so our staff are aware of helpful information that isn't only about your illness and health but to make our patients feel comfortable.

Learning Disabilities

NHS Choices: Going into hospital with a learning disability: 


Learning Disabilities
Sepsis poster

Could it be Sepsis?

Always seek medical help if you or someone you knows develops any of these symptoms.


Easy Health Website : http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/

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North Kent Independent Advocacy Scheme: www.nkias.co.uk

Telephone: 07886104109


Email: louise.flatman@nkias.co.uk

The Easy Read group of the scheme is working with the Trust’s Learning Disability Liaison Nurse to make information more accessible to people with learning disabilities.         

The scheme funded 500 Trust Banner Pens providing Top Tips to staff for assessing mental capacity and supporting people with a learning disability in the NHS. The scheme also funded a Box of Bits (B.O.B) to reduce anxiety and boredom for patients with a learning disability using the hospital.

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The Kent Learning Disability Partnership Board agrees and checks that the changes and improvements around the Government White Paper Valuing People (March 2001) and Valuing People Now (January 2009) are happening in Kent.  The Good Health Group looks at ways to improve access to health information, health checks and Health Action Plans and to improve the health of people with learning disabilities. This is a public Group open to anyone to attend. 

For more information please contact Joanne Cunningham on 03000 415286 or email joanne.cunningham@kent.gov.uk

Local Community Learning Disability Teams:


Tel: 03000 410505  

Having a Flu Jab

A2A Caring for people with Learning Disabilities in A&E