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Choose and Book

Choose and book


Choose and Book is a national electronic referral service that will allow patients to choose their preferred hospital or treatment centre and book their first outpatient appointment by telephone, over the internet or at their GP practice. It is currently being introduced throughout England.  

The benefits for you as a patient

Before Choose and Book, if your GP decided you needed to see a specialist, they would write a letter and the hospital or treatment centre would give you a date. This process could take several weeks and the date may not have been suitable for you. 


With Choose and Book, you will have choice of at least four hospitals and be able to choose the date and time of your first appointment, so you can:


  • Fit your appointment in with your other commitments at home and at work
  • Plan and manage around your existing appointments, if you are currently having treatment
  • Choose appointments that fit with your carer's schedule


You will also be able to:


  • Access information about the services available to you
  • Check the status of your referral and to change or cancel your appointments easily over the phone or the internet.


This should make the overall referral process shorter and more convenient for you.   

Choose and Book

Your GP will explain whether you are able to book your appointment:


  • At his/her surgery
  • online
  • By ringing the Choose and Book appointments line
  • By ringing Darent Valley Hosital Appointments Centre directly. 


For general information about Choose and Book, visit the national Choose and Book website.  

Booking your appointment at one of our sites

To book your appointment you need to have your appointment reference number and password - your GP will give you these.


If your GP has told you to book with the National Choose and Book Appointments Line:


Phone freephone 0345 608 8888