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Our values: Care with compassion, Respect and dignity, Striving to excel, Professional standards, Working together
The hospital chapel


The chaplaincy service endeavours to meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of patients, staff and visitors alike whether they practise a formal religion or consider themselves to be non-religious.


As the chapel's notice states: "Welcome to a place for you to breathe, to be still, to pray. It's a space that is open and available to anyone who needs time to be still and reflect".         

Main Prayer Room

The prayer room and the adjoining counselling room has been designed to be a place of refuge from the clinical environment where people can gather strength from prayer or being still.  The main prayer room itself can be converted from a Christian chapel to a multi-faith space by drawing screens across the cross.

Adjoining Counselling Room

This Room can be used by female Muslim members’ of the hospital community - or visitors - for prayer, when required. There are prayer mats and head coverings available.

This Room is used by non-religious members’ of the hospital community for quiet reflection.

This Room is also used for counselling.

What does the chaplaincy offer?

For everyone, the chaplaincy visits the wards offering spiritual and pastoral support through attentive listening. For people of faith, they ensure their cultural, spiritual and religious needs are met and are able to put patients in touch with the spiritual adviser of their choice. For Christians, they offer Holy Communion, the Anointing of the Sick, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Prayer and Bible reading. For the non-religious, pastoral support is offered and/or the opportunity for patients to be put in contact with a suitable advisor of their choice.


There are Gideon’s New Testaments in every bedside locker. There are leaflets explaining the work of chaplaincy in the holder next to the stained glass window (Left of the Exit doors to Main Foyer, Level 2).


We are assisted in our work by a group of dedicated ward visitors, consisting of religious and non-religious volunteers.

Weekly worship

  • Morning Prayer (Christian) is normally said at 08.30am each weekday. Worship on saints’ days and holy days as announced.

  • Sunday Service of Holy Communion at 10.00am and Distribution of Holy Communion to bedside.

  • Thursday Service of Holy Communion at 12.00 midday.

  • Friday Catholic Mass 8.15am and Muslim Prayers 1pm.

  • Muslim Pray daily from approximately 1.00pm.

  • Friday Muslim Congregational Prayers approximately 1.00pm.

Contact Details / Location

Multi-faith Prayer Room (open 24 hrs a day)

Level 1,

Darent Valley Hospital,

Darenth Wood Road,


Kent, DA2 8DA.

01322 428100 ext 4640

24 hour voicemail.
In an emergency, phone switchboard  01322 428100

Chaplaincy Staff

  • Revd Tony Green, Senior Chaplain Free Church (Baptist)

  • Father Pat Zammit, Roman Catholic Church