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Communication / Press at Darent Valley Hospital
Communication Image

Communication / press office

The Communications Department carries out the following:


  • Commercial filming / broadcasting / photography arrangements

  • Co-ordination of publicity campaigns, media releases, photo opportunities and media interviews

  • Dealing with press and media enquiries

  • Ensuring the Trust maintains a professional, corporate image

  • Generation of positive news stories

  • Liaison with GPs and primary care trusts

  • Management of the Trust's website, intranet, Facebook and Twitter

  • Policies, procedures and guidelines management 

  • Production of patient information leaflets, posters and other publicity material.

  • Production of publications

  • Promotion of good relations between the Trust and local communities  

  • Translation services. 

Contact Details

Communication Department
Darent Valley Hospital
Darenth Wood Road
Dartford  DA2 8DA
01322 428255

Making a media enquiry

All media enquiries, requests for filming and photography at Darent Valley Hospital are handled by the Communication Department. They can offer help with finding experts who can talk about a wide variety of clinical issues, as well as answering questions and queries about the Trust and healthcare in general.

Staff and patient interviews

All requests for interviewing, to take a photograph of or to film patients or staff, must be made through the press and communications office. Please appreciate that as much notice as possible is required for these requests.

Commercial filming, broadcasting, photography

Areas of our hospitals are, from time to time, photographed or filmed for a variety of purposes, including live news broadcasts and locations for documentaries or dramas. 

Condition checks

All patient condition checks must be made via the Communications Department. Please do not contact the wards direct. We respect patient confidentiality at all times. Patients details will only be released if you have the correct spelling of the full name and only if the patient or next of kin gives consent to information being released. Only a brief description of the progress of the patient will be given, such as the patient is stable, comfortable or critically ill.


Please note that anyone who is found to be interviewing, filming or photographing at the hospital without the permission of the communications team will be asked to leave immediately, and footage and photographs may be confiscated.


Photography and filming is not allowed in some areas of the hospitals, as patient care is always a priority and we have a duty to protect the confidentiality of our patients.